We have recently introduced an exciting and innovative new product to our range called ‘Living Fencing’.

These sturdy panels consist of a metal grid, at the bottom of which is a biodegradable trough containing the plants that have been grown up the framework.  It is, in essence, an instant hedge with all the security advantages of a traditional fence!

It can be planted throughout the year and comes in a wide range of plant options to suit the planting position.  The Panels are secured using either wood or metal posts and can either be planted directly into prepared ground or into containers, thus also making them portable!  They provide instant privacy wherever you want it, or can be used for screening areas such as bin or log stores, compost heaps, sheds etc.

A good fence is always a great enhancement to a home and we think that this alternative type of fencing will give our customers even wider options for their gardens.

Please contact us for more information.