With Spring in the air it is time to venture out and get our gardens ready for the summer.  The winter may have taken its’ toll on a lot of the garden and that may include your fencing.

Where timber fencing is concerned it must be remembered that wood is a natural product and will be subject to movement as it seasons.  Small splits and warping can occur in heat but these will normally go back when the humidity rises, with the slats eventually seasoning in the correct position.

Here are a few of our top tips to keep your fence looking its best :

  1. To maintain your fences’ natural colour and prevent the wood fading to grey, coat with wood preservative every 2-3 years, paying particular attention to joints and end grain.
  2. The best time to apply preservative is when the wood is thoroughly dry but the sun not too hot. Damp wood will not absorb the preservative well.
  3. If you have square or rectangular fence posts, make sure that top surface isn’t flat. Either cut them at an angle or put sloping metal caps on top of them. This will reduce rot and keep water from standing on the top surface of the post.
  4. As timber is a natural material it is important that during dry weather, and in particular in the first year after installation, that the panels are wetted down regularly, as with a newly planted tree or shrub.
  5. Panels are delivered already dipped and treated, however, if you do retreat then this must be done on BOTH sides of the panel as otherwise warping can occur due to the uneven application of treatment.
  6. Rake leaves and debris away from the fence. Don’t let leaves pile up at the bottom of your fence. That will rot your fence. Make sure to keep vines and bushes from growing near the fence and/or trim them regularly. Plants will damage the fence as they grow.
  7. Make sure your sprinklers don’t constantly spray your fence. Water will pool up against the bottom of the boards and rot the wood.
  8. Have adequate drainage. Make sure water doesn’t pool up against your fence.

A fence is an investment and with just a little care it should last you a great number of years.