Palisade fencing is a popular choice for front and back gardens.  The pales are spaced closely enough to stop small animals squeezing through the gaps, but still allow visibility through the fence.  The bonus of using palisade fencing is that there are garden gates available to match so you can create a seamless and attractive border to your home.  This type of fencing is also frequently used as wings to entrance gates.

This fencing comes in pointed sawn material as a stock item but special orders can be made for other decorative tops or a planed finish (ready for painting).

Sizes available :

18”(457mm) 4’(1219mm)
2’(609mm) 5’(1524mm)
3’(915mm) 6’(1830mm)

All panels are 1.83m wide (6’) and constructed out of pressure treated material.

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