There are five main factors to consider when choosing a fence – privacy, strength, durability, ease of maintenance and, of course, cost. In practice, cost is closely linked to the decisions you make regarding the first four considerations, so make sure that the fence you buy matches your needs closely.

For total protection from prying eyes, you need high peep-proof fences.  However, these tend to be more expensive so to minimise cost you may find you don’t need them around the entire garden and instead, consider limiting them to specific areas – near a patio, for example.  Alternatively choose a fence that, though not in itself peep-proof, can be made so with the addition of masking hedges and climbing plants.
Alternatively if privacy and security are less important then cost can be saved by using a lower fence.

A fence must be able to withstand accidental knocks. As you might expect, the more robust the construction, the more it is likely to cost.  As far as wind resistance is concerned much depends on how exposed the site is but, in general, the higher and more peep-proof the fence, the more vulnerable it is likely to be.

Fences facing the street need to be stronger than other boundary fences, while those within the garden are less at risk from accidental knocks.

Durability and maintenance
If the fence is only a temporary measure, for example whilst a hedge matures, wire fencing is an easy-care option giving value for money.

Timber fences, whatever you buy, must be treated with preservative. Components that come into contact with the ground need to be pressure impregnated.   (Please read the why Danbury Fencing section for more detailed information on our treatment policy).  It is also well worth paying for sound construction as such fences are less likely to disintegrate if neglected for a few years.

Obviously personal preference is as important a factor in the final choice as finding something to suit the garden`s style, but remember, it is not always necessary to spend a lot. If neatness and good looks are unnecessary, a workaday fence may be perfectly adequate.